Intramural Sports

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    Futsal Tournament Champions!
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    Cornhole Champions!
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    Rock Paper Scissor 3-peat Champion!
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    Fraternity Dodgeball Champions!
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    Women's Dodgeball Champions!
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    Co-rec Dodgeball Champions!
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    Men's Dodgeball Champions!
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    3on3 Women's Basketball Champions!
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    3on3 Men's Basketball Champions!
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    3on3 Co-rec Basketball Champions!
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    3on3 Fraternity Basketball Champions!
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    4v4 Sand Volleyball Women's Champions!
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    4v4 Sand Volleyball Co-rec Champions!
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    Tennis Singles Tournament Champion!
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    3v3 Hispanic Heritage Soccer Tournament Champions!
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    Fraternity Flag Football Champions!
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    Co-rec Flag Football Champions!
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    Men's Flag Football Champions!
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    Women's Flag Football Champions!
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    Fraternity Indoor Soccer Champions!
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    Women's Indoor Soccer Champions!
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    Men's Indoor Soccer Champions!
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    Co-rec Indoor Soccer Champions!
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    Men's Indoor Volleyball Champions!
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    Co-rec Indoor Volleyball Champions!
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    Women's Indoor Volleyball Champions!
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    Racquetball Tournament Champion!
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    Preseason Basketball Tournament Champions!
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    5on5 Women's Basketball Champions!
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    5on5 Men's B Basketball Champions!
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    5on5 Fraternity Basketball Champions!
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    5on5 Men's A Basketball Champions!
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    5on5 Co-rec Basketball Champions!
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    Women's Wiffleball Champions!
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    Men's Wiffleball Champions!
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    Men's Floor Hockey Champions!
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    Men's BASEketball Champions!
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    Billiards Game Room Tournament Champion!
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    Fifa Game Room Tournament Champion!
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    Texas Hold 'Em Champ!
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    Homerun Derby Champion!
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    Men's Softball Champion!
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    Co-rec Softball Champion!
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    Co-rec Soccer Champions!
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    Ultimate Frisbee Champions!
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    Women's Softball Champions!
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    Fraternity Soccer Champions!

The Department of Campus Recreation is committed to providing diverse, fun and competitive intramural sports activities to serve the recreational needs of the NKU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Intramural sports range from the more traditional sports, such as basketball, flag football, softball, and soccer to the non-traditional sports such as, dodgeball, bowling, texas hold 'em, and sand volleyball. This program offers something for everyone!

To Register for Intramural Sports go to

How to sign up your team!


  1. STUDENTS:  Students must be registered for a minimum of one credit hour and have a valid NKU All-Card.  If, at any time, the student is not enrolled for a minimum of one credit hour, they immediately become ineligible to participate in any Campus Recreation activity.
    1. NKU VARSITY ATHLETES:  A NKU varsity athlete is defined as a student who is listed on a varsity roster or someone who trains/practices with a varsity team on a regular basis.  Varsity athletes will not be permitted to participate in related intramural sports during the same academic year in which they are classified as a varsity athlete.
    2. CLUB SPORTS:  Club Sport members shall be limited to (1) individual per team as a participant in the Intramural Sport of their specialty.  Club Sport members are able to participate in all other Intramural Sport programs not related to their specialty sport with no restrictions.
    3. FACULTY AND STAFF:  Faculty and Staff must be an employee recognized by the NKU Department of Human Resources and have the option of playing on any Non-Greek Intramural Sports team
    4. In the case of spouses, the individual must be a spouse of an NKU employee to be eligible to participate in faculty/staff team activities.  Spouses are eligible to participate in designated Faculty/Staff events and are not eligible to participate in other activities

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Participant Health and Safety

Participation in any NKU Campus Recreation facility or program is purely voluntary. NKU and the Department of Campus Recreation are not liable for any harm, damage or injury sustained by participants or to any property belonging to participants while in or on CRC premises or equipment. Please review our general use agreement and departmental Health, Safety and Risk Management website for more information.